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I see fragments for glittery dust every time I close my eyes. 

Nothings is blank or black or dull. 

This powdered dust covers the screen of my closed lids. 

Why? No clue. But they do. 

They shine, they bring light to where it would be pitch black. 

So fierce, I become collecting each fragment, each blow in my mind.

Care for them, love them, save them, hide deep inside of my conscious self, so they wont escape. 

Because those pits of darkness make us human,

But those glimpse of light, make us sane.   


- Val

Bored today
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Bored today

Body & Mind

This morning I woke up wanting to write about my body. Mostly because of certain bumps that ran along my life road this “long” weekend. I workout seven to six days a week. Not because I hate my body, not because I have the hope of looking like a Victoria Secret Model (Lets face it, I have NO boobs to a achieve that goal at the moment) I do it because years ago I was sitting down looking at a sculpture, while my very religious grandmother told me a story (sadly I can’t call myself as religious, but thats a whole different subject), She was having a discussion with me about how having a tattoo is a type a mutilation and your body is a temple, that will be you defiantly going to hell… well I have never found that to be true in my mind and believes, but I do believe this; If our body is our temple, them, Why would we let it rotten? So everyday I workout and try to eat as healthy as I can to sculpt my body the way I want it to look. So yeah, I work my ass off everyday.. apart from the fact that after, I feel great. 

I’ve always been criticized for who I am, but the thing is that, who I am is who I’ll always be

- Rodsyl Vega
In my land! 
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In my land! 

Photo by: Krissy Fernandez
Model: Rodsyl Vega
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Photo by: Krissy Fernandez

Model: Rodsyl Vega

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By my best friend :)
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By my best friend :)

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They say that a picture is worth a million words. Well here are a million pictures to describe who I truly am.
-Born: Puerto Rico
-Living: San Diego, CA

With Love,
Rods ;)