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New hair, still in bed. Character Makeup. Boyfriend’s work shirt. 
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New hair, still in bed. Character Makeup. Boyfriend’s work shirt. 

My incomplete mural 
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My incomplete mural 

Me, feeling dark.
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Me, feeling dark.

Still from the film, InfameStarting, Rodsyl Vega & Lian Machin 
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Still from the film, Infame
Starting, Rodsyl Vega & Lian Machin 

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Self shoot
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Self shoot

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Day 6/365 ~ Canopy of Dreams by Amanda Mabel on Flickr.
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They say that a picture is worth a million words. Well here are a million pictures to describe who I truly am.
-Born: Puerto Rico
-Living: San Diego, CA

With Love,
Rods ;)