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This is the edit one. Me on Valentine’s Day morning :) Enjoy.
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This is the edit one. Me on Valentine’s Day morning :) Enjoy.

Valentine’s Day Massacre.
Self photo
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Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Self photo

Valentine’s Day Massacre. 
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Valentine’s Day Massacre. 


Someone needs a haircut!!! :)Me bored and sick :(  
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Someone needs a haircut!!! :)
Me bored and sick :(  

Facts of myself.

1. I love facial hair (in men)

2. Im addicted to the gym.

3. I cannot sleep without eating oatmeal.

4. My favorite documentary is Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist & Rebel.

5. I don’t really like jeans.

6. I believe anyone can change the word… if they really want to.

7. I believe that to change the world, you need to start by rebelling.

8. Im always day dreaming.

9. I want to visit CHICAGO! Just to go the original Playboy Club :P

10. I will meet Hugh Hefner before he dies.

11. I can only draw woman, but Im great drawing clothing for men.

12. Im officially not a catholic. YES!

13. I want to change my last name to, Valentine or Valentino.

14. Everything looks better in black and white.

15. I need a new camera.

16. I have never cared about what others may thing or say about myself.

17. I believe men who smoke are pretty sexy.

18. Im very comfortable with saying how sexy someone from my same sex is. (Im heterosexual)

19. I love my dark black hair… but I would love to go blonde.

20. I have a very noticeable accent.

21. Its not bad to laugh at ur faults.

22. Any type of music.

23. I will have nude portraits, the classy artistic type.

24. I will publish various books.

25. I love filming, its one of the only things that truly makes me happy.

26. Only, Calvin Klein, Playboy & Victoria Secret. 

27. Im addicted to perfumes.

28. MINT! Mint chocolate chip ice cream, Mint hot coco, Mojitos, Mojito gum.


30. I dance when Im alone at my house.

31. Las Vegas is amazing.


34. Im extremely PRO GAY! <3

35. I love talking to old people, its so interesting.

36. The human body is precious. 


I was bored :D
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I was bored :D

Last night :) Playing around! :D
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Last night :) Playing around! :D

Shh. Self shooting
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Shh. Self shooting

Tired eyes. Self shooting
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Tired eyes. Self shooting

Delicate. Self shooting.
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Delicate. Self shooting.


They say that a picture is worth a million words. Well here are a million pictures to describe who I truly am.
-Born: Puerto Rico
-Living: San Diego, CA

With Love,
Rods ;)